Transitions to Success

A United Way funded program helped Sheila find employment and start a new life with her family.

Sheila and her family relocated to Edmonton from a small community in the Northwest Territories. She hoped to find better employment to contribute to her family income. “We have to think about rent, we have to think about our utilities. We have to think about car payments.”


Although, having never lived in a city like Edmonton, Sheila was only finding work on and off as a Health Care Aid with her in healthcare background. While searching online for work, she learned about Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society. She looked up the Bent Arrow Transitions to Success. (Transitions to Success is a non-paid employment program designed to support women who have the drive, desire, and determination to become employed in a career or profession that will financially sustain them and their families.)

When Sheila was accepted into the program, she was able to update her resume, write cover letters, and get the skills and experience to have successful interviews and soon she was offered a satisfying receptionist job aligned with her skills and knowledge. Sheila feels that the Bent Arrow Transitions to Success program gave her the skills she needed to get back into the workforce and she is always encouraging her female friends to take the program.

The program changed my life, I have something to do and look forward to every day.

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