The focus on Education means ensuring that children and youth have the opportunities they need to learn, grow and succeed. One of the aspirations is to increase the number of youth who complete high school. This is a proven indicator that increases the likelihood of achieving economic success, and decreases the chances of someone falling into poverty. Right now, a quarter of youth in the Capital Region do not graduate high school within five years. That has to change, and it has to start early. Every baby and toddler should reap the benefits of early development; and every child and youth should have the supports they need to prepare for, and then be successful, at school - with their families, teachers and mentors included in the circle of support. 

69,604 people were helped through United Way investments

34 United Way Funded Programs & Partnerships helped:

Every funded program reports the impact that programs have on clients. Here are some examples:

  • BGCBigs provided development opportunities for more than 5,200 children and youth.
  • Rhymes that Bind program helped 938 families create language rich environments to boost literacy.
  • ArtStart provided free and accessible after-school programming to children in high needs schools.

How we do it.

United Way invests in our region's success by providing funding where the need is greatest. Our strategy is 100% local, shaped specifically for the Alberta Capital Region and impacts families right here in our community.

Early Childhood Development

United Way invests in several programs and initiatives that increase access to quality early childhood learning and care opportunities, to enhance development and support healthy parent-child attachment.

Out of School.png

Out of School Programming

Children who participate in positive activities during this critical time demonstrate improved school performance. United Way focuses on providing quality out-of-school programs and improving access and participation for children and youth in these programs.


School Readiness

Low-literacy skills impact all aspects of a person's life. United Way invests in family literacy training programs to increase parent and caregiver understanding of the importance of a language rich environments for child development. 

Success in School

United Way investments ensure students have access to the supports they need to thrive in school and, identifies students at risk of disengaging from school and supports activities to re-engage them in their education. 

My son is happier and more adjusted. My daughter came out of a depressed state and I am sure it was because she was supported by many people from this program.
— Parent of program participant.