Moving people toward a brighter financial future.

The Financial Pathways Collaborative is a group of caring organizations focused on helping individuals and families build lives of financial stability and independence. With participation by seven financial institutions, United Way, E4C and the City of Edmonton, these community minded partners help deliver key programs that advance financial education, access to mainstream services and connections to benefits and subsidies.

The Financial Pathways Collaborative supports two important programs in our community.

Make Tax Time Pay is a program that operates at multiple tax sites throughout the region, providing free income tax review services to ensure people living in low income are accessing available government benefits and subsidies.

Each One, Teach One is a program that develops staff from financial institutions into financial literacy trainers to help people living in low income increase their understanding and ability to manage their finances.

This collaborative helps advance United Way’s strategy to Create Pathways Out of Poverty and the City’s efforts to end poverty in a generation, through the plan for End Poverty Edmonton.

Thank you to our partners.

David OdumadeFinancial Pathways Collaborative