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Funded Agencies

Funded agencies and partners are using the data from the Common Outcomes Report to learn about program successes, assess opportunities for growth, and more.

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Funded agencies and partners are using the data from the Common Outcomes Report to:

  • Learn about program successes,
  • Assess opportunities for growth,
  • Learn from other programs in the sector,
  • Share results of programs, and
  • Use data and results to tell the story of impact in the sector.

Completing the Common Outcomes Report (COR)

Each year, the Common Outcomes Report is sent to funded agencies at the beginning of December and input is due at the end of January. If you need assistance in completing the COR please reference the following resources:


Have questions about the Common Outcomes Report? Reach out to your United Way Manager or FCSS Liaison.

Presentations and Awards

The Common Outcomes Initiative has been recognized in various ways for the work being done in our community. COI has been invited to present at various evaluation related events and nominated for Provincial and National awards. The following is a list of presentations and award nominations that COI has received.

Conference Presentations

  • July 2020. SWSD 2020: IFSW International Social Work Conference. Calgary, AB. Sheilah Pittman & Kim Turcotte
  • October 2019. M.A.P.S Annual Collaboration Showcase. Edmonton, Ab. Kim Turcotte & Sheilah Pittman & Debbie Bryson
  • June 2019. Project Impact Summit. Portland, Oregon – Jasmine Brazil
  • May 2018. Alberta Mentoring Partnership. AMP Learning Day. Edmonton, Ab. Sheilah Pittman & Kim Turcotte.
  • May 2018. Canadian Evaluation Society, Co Creation Conference, Facing Forward: Innovation, Action, Reflection Conference. – Jasmine Brazil.
  • March 2017. Society of Edmonton Demographers, 27th Annual Warren E. Kalbach Population Conference. – Kim Turcotte & Jasmine Brazil


  • 2016 Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta. Award of Merit. This award recognizes FCSS programs or project that have helped strengthen the social fabric of their community. These projects have achieved this through a demonstrated commitment to improving preventive social programs and services.
  • 2017 Short listed for the President’s Award for Innovation (Intelligent Network). United Way Centraide Canada National Recognition Program.