Lift People Out

United Way funded programs are empowering people to create new beginnings with supports such as basic needs, employment and financial literacy training to help them rise above a life of poverty.

8,272 people helped through United Way investments in Lift People Out

21 Funded Programs and Partnerships

Every funded program reports the impact that programs have on clients. Here are some examples:

  • Increased confidence and stability in their lives because of skills learned or supports accessed.
  • Improved employability skills and improved employment opportunities.
  • Gain of financial knowledge and increasing access to financial resources, tools and services.

How we do it.

United Way invests in our region’s success by providing funding where the need is greatest. Our strategy is 100% local, shaped specifically for the Alberta Capital Region and impacts families right here in our community.

Making it Work

People living in low income are the most vulnerable to unemployment and job loss. The high cost of childcare, lack of transportation and flexible work hours all limit employment options. Many work two or more low paying jobs and still can’t make ends meet.

Some of the same challenges that limit their employment options also impact their ability to find resources to improve their situation.

United Way and its strategic partners are invested in the most effective community programs to make employment training and services readily available.

Financial Stability

Whether you’re living alone on the streets or working multiple jobs and still can’t make ends meet – all your time is spent surviving.

More than 135,000 people are experiencing poverty in the Alberta Capital Region. People living in poverty face many barriers such as low literacy; lack of finances and money management skill; limited assets and lack of employment. These barriers combined with the complexity of navigating government supports can create a ripple effect on low-income households. As a result, many miss the benefits of accessing mainstream banking products, government benefits, tax credits and subsidies.

United Way and its strategic partners are helping people living in or close to poverty prepare for life’s challenges.

Quality & Secure Housing

Attaining and maintaining quality, safe and affordable housing is a challenge for many people living in poverty. Shelter is by far the biggest expense for people living with low-income, with some people spending 30% or more of their total household income on housing costs. Individuals and families thrive when they have a stable and safe home.

Story of Change

Maria attended the Empower U program because free childcare was offered to program participants, and the only way she could attend was if she had help with her five children.

During the program, Maria was able to recognize how much she already knew and what parts of her life were preventing her from achieving her goals. The most important and helpful session was about budgeting and the chance to create a spending plan. She was happy to learn that she could include some indulgences, but understood that she was in charge and had to determine where she should limit spending.

Maria says she used to struggle every month with not having money. For her, the worst was not having enough money for food. But after she started tracking her income and expenses, she did not have this problem anymore. In her words “I love MY BUDGET”!

Of the program, Maria said “I learned so much that I think I can now build my life the way I want to. I can be successful, and I can show my children that life is about the choices you make.”

I learned so much that I think I can now build my life the way I want to. I can be successful, and I can show my children that life is about the choices you make.

Andre PoitrasLift People Out