Understanding local needs.

United Way creates pathways out of poverty in our community by investing in three focus areas and working together with funded partners, government and community organizations. Learn more about our three focus areas.



Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

When you're born into a life of poverty, it's all you know. We're helping kids from the start, with early learning and development, support through the school years and all the way to high school completion.

Lifting people out of poverty

Whether you're living on the streets or working multiple jobs and still can't make ends meet - all your time is spent surviving. We're empowering people to create new beginnings with supports such as employment and financial literacy training.



Providing a safety net

Sometimes, life just takes a turn. A family crisis, a job loss, injury, mental illness, addiction, domestic abuse - the list is endless. We're helping people get back on track by providing critical services such as mental health supports and referral services.