Thanks to a United Way agency Mike got the support he need to keep his family together

When Mike learned he was going to be a parent, he decided to quit school, find a job and move in with his girlfriend. He was determined to provide for his family and found the Terra Centre. “Young dads very much feel judged by the community. Our work is to help them engage in parenthood and show them that they can really make a difference in their children’s lives”, says Karen Mottershead from the Terra Centre.

Mike lives with his with his fiancée, his five-year-old son Treyson and his younger child, a daughter named Selena and also volunteers for programs that support young fathers in our community.

Mike and his family received help to find housing and quality child care. The Terra Centre has run a program for teen dads since 2000. Last year, it served more than 100 young fathers. The agency provides male support workers for male clients through its Services for Young Dads. It also supplies daily necessities for young families, such as bus tickets, diapers and infant clothing.

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