United Way’s Sponsored Campaign Representative Program offers a unique professional, personal and community development experience for the leaders of tomorrow – your up and coming employees.

By participating in our program you not only make a meaningful and measurable investment in the community, you also make an investment in your employees and your business.

In return, our program provides a great way to increase the profile of your organization and give your staff the opportunity to discover and develop untapped skills.

The Role

Working under the management and guidance of a United Way staff member, Sponsored Campaign Representatives play a crucial role in providing leadership and customer service to more than 500 workplaces. They are a key resource during campaign and, with their help, we can be confident we are developing and managing campaigns that will result in the greatest impact for the community.

"This isn’t your typical everyday position...  Your personal and professional development will grow exponentially and you will finish with a sense of belonging to the incredible community you live in." - Brittany Marsh, Past Sponsored Campaign Representative

The Benefits - Getting involved is good for business, employees and the community!

This program positions your organization as a community minded employer of choice, helping you recruit and retain great employees.

During their term, Sponsored Campaign Representatives will acquire over 500 hours of
hands-on experience and develop and hone skills such as:

Project Management

  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Leadership and facilitation skills
  • Time management

Relationship Management

  • Working effectively as a team member
  • Excellent customer service techniques
  • Effective coaching and influencing
  • Public speaking and presentation

Strategic Thinking

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Plan development
  • Information analysis

Each year, Sponsored Campaign Representatives are challenged, changed, and energized. They return to their workplaces with a greater understanding of the social issues affecting the community, a renewed sense of confidence and motivation, new skills and perspectives, an expanded professional network and greater leadership potential.

How it Works

Loan an employee. to United Way for a 16-week term during our annual fall campaign. Ideal candidates are confident, innovative, and comfortable in an open team environment. Your employee will encounter a unique set of opportunities and challenges as they work towards strengthening our community. Your employee will return to your organization with an enhanced skill set.

Provide financial support. If you would like to support this program, but do not have an eligible employee, you can do so by providing financial sponsorship of all, or part of, the $15,000* needed to hire one full-time Sponsored Campaign Representative.

*$15,000 covers the Sponsored Campaign Representative’s salary, statutory benefits and training.

Requirements. Access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license are required. Must be available August 16 - December 4 full-time.

Interested? Contact us.

In 2017, 14 organizations supported United Way of the Alberta Capital Region’s Sponsored Campaign Representative Program by seconding an employee or providing financial sponsorship. 

United Way thanks the following for their support of this program:

New in 2017: Mentoring for Success, sponsored by PCL Construction

We are excited to pilot Mentoring for Success, Sponsored by PCL Construction, during this year’s Sponsored Campaign Representative (SCR) Program. We believe this is an exciting opportunity to enhance our commitment to offer unique, professional and personal development for our SCRs.

For almost 40 years, organizations across the Alberta Capital Region have been seconding employees or providing sponsorship to United Way to provide crucial support to our annual campaign. This support is not only a meaningful and measurable investment in our community, but also a significant investment in the individuals participating in the program.

Mentoring for Success is going to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity connecting some of United Way’s most influential leaders and volunteers on United Way’s Campaign Cabinet with the leaders of tomorrow. We expect SCRs will leave this program with a renewed sense of confidence and motivation, new skills and perspectives, an expanded professional network, and greater leadership potential.

Special thanks to PCL Construction for providing the sponsorship to enable this pilot in 2017.