Hear first hand about the impact your campaign makes.

All speakers will share a story of impact.

Speakers inform and inspire audiences through sharing compelling stories about the work of United Way and our partner agencies. Our speakers volunteer their time to deliver presentations that provide insight into the needs of our community and help donors understand how their support positively impacts the lives of people living in the Alberta Capital Region.

Speaker Topics

Speakers cover three topics depending on your interests.

Break the Cycle

When born into a life of poverty, it’s all you know. Hear from the people that are helping kids from the start, with early learning and development, support through the school years and all the way to high school completion.

Lift People Out

Whether they were living on the streets or working multiple jobs and still struggling to make ends meet – all their time was spent surviving. Meet the people you’ve empowered to create new beginnings with supports such as employment and financial literacy training.

Provide a Safety Net

Sometimes, life just takes a turn. A family crisis, a job loss, injury, mental illness, addiction, domestic abuse – the list is endless. Hear from the people you’ve helped get back on track by providing critical services such as mental health supports and referral services.

Common Asked Questions & Answers

How do I book a speaker?

Please contact your Campaign Manager or Sponsored Campaign Representative and they will submit a request for you. If you don’t know who your campaign manager is, please contact our office at (780) 990-1000 for assistance.

How long are the speaker presentations?

10 minutes. Speakers are also available to stay and answer questions after their speech.

How many people are needed to participate?

A group size of 20 people minimum is required to book a speaker. If your audience is smaller, your campaign manager can provide a presentation.

Where do the presentations take place?

Our speakers will come to you, wherever your event may be. We suggest an environment that has minimal noise and distractions.

How far in advance do I need to make my request?

A minimum of 3 weeks notice is preferred, however we will do our best to accommodate your campaign dates.

What if my organization has a specific area of interest?

We understand that each workplace campaign is unique and will do our best to match the most appropriate speaker for your group. Our speakers cover a variety of topics within our three focus areas.

Ready to get started? Contact us at (780) 990-1000

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