Wellness is about an individual's personal well-being and sense of safety in the community. Often people who live in poverty are dealing with a multitude of complex issues: mental illness, addictions, family violence, lack of supports, cultural barriers and a variety of other potential challenges. United Way's focused investments provide easy access to the resources they need and the immediate and sustained help necessary to build stronger, healthier lives.

125,969 people helped through United Way investments

38 United Way Funded Programs & Partnerships

Every funded program reports the impact that programs have on clients. Here are some examples:

  • Integrity Counselling Services provided 3,532 hours of therapy to 513 clients.
  • Helping Hands has provided 228 inner city seniors with 1,480 rides to their doctors' office, the bank, and other appointments.
  • 211 connected 58,897 callers with non-emergency human services in the Edmonton Region. 


How we do it.

United Way invests in our region's success by providing funding where the need is greatest. Our strategy is 100% local, shaped specifically for the Alberta Capital Region and impacts families right here in our community.

Mental Health Supports

United Way invests in programs and initiatives that decrease barriers to community-based mental health supports through community education programs to reduce stigma, as well as short and long-term counselling. 

Domestic Violence Supports

Focused on decreasing wait times and improving timely access to supports for people experiencing abuse or domestic violence, United Way funded programs provide wrap-around approach. 

High Risk Youth Programming

United Way invests in programs that help youth overcome the challenges they face in resisting and avoiding crime and gang involvement through leadership development opportunities that are integrated within schools.

Information and Referral Services

A key component of our investment strategy. Connecting people with the programs and services available in the Alberta Capital Region, in a language they can understand, is often the first step to building healthy and safe communities.

I appreciate the fact that you guys are actually here. Between counselling and the helpline, you guys really saved my life.
— Program participant