283,510 unique participants were supported by United Way’s targeted investments in the Alberta Capital Region.

Where does your money go?

When you make a contribution to United Way, we promise to provide stewardship excellence:

  • We take responsibility to ensure that the contributions we receive are invested in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • We monitor the performance and measure the results of our community investments.

  • We are one of the most cost-effective not-for-profit organizations in North America and are accountable to our donors offering transparent financial reporting.

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Core Investments

Based on research and a deep understanding of issues that drive people into poverty, United Way focuses support in three areas – Break the Cycle, Lift People Out, Provide a Safety Net.

Each area concentrates on specific needs and connects with programs and services to make the greatest impact possible. At the same time, considering that individuals struggling with poverty often experience multiple issues and need help in more than one area, the three focus areas are closely linked. This ensures people receive the appropriate mix of supports that wrap-around them and their families for both urgent needs and long-term development.

Regional Investments

United Way serves the Edmonton Census Metropolitan area including Edmonton, the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, the City of St. Albert, the City of Leduc, the County of Leduc, the City of Spruce Grove, the Town of Stony Plain and the County of Parkland.


Capacity Building

Many nonprofits focus their resources on delivering programs and services, leaving little time to build the internal capacity of their organization. Capacity Building enhances the nonprofit sector as a whole by working together to understand the issues, identify priorities and seek better solutions.

Community Response Fund

United Way sets aside resources that enable us to support emergent community efforts, those that arise through the course of the year and support our priorities or to address a significant community need.

Stewardship & Community Building

United Way stewards all investments.

There are many activities in which United Way staff members are engaged even though direct funding is not provided. These initiatives invite United Way staff members to the table because they know that the expertise provided will benefit the work of the partnership. These activities are often coordinating bodies, problem solving groups, information sharing or mobilizing efforts. Usually, these efforts are focused on looking for solutions, increasing the capacity of the sector or increasing awareness of issues.

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