Ever wonder what kind of impact United Way donations make in our community?

United Way invests donations in more than 100 programs that help lift people out of poverty, and prevent those at risk from falling into it.

To see examples of where donations have impact, United Way developed the Online Impact Calculator.  

It’s quick and easy to use!

Step 1: Click on the link and enter in a campaign goal and some dollars raised to date.  This causes a roster of impact selections to appear. http://myimpact.ca

Step 2: Choose at least two in each of United Way’s three focus areas (Education, Income and Wellness).

Step 3: Scroll down to see a campaign thermometer, showing progress on dollars raised and examples of the types of impact that can be made in the community.

Step 4: Print from the browser or to pdf, and then…

  • share as an update to staff
  • use as a graphic in presentations;
  • include in employee newsletters;
  • hang as a poster in lunch rooms or common areas  

Note: for best results, print your graphic in landscape orientation.