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Life Empowerment Skills and Education

We’re empowering people to create new beginnings through supports like employment and financial literacy training.

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What We Do

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is dedicated to empowering individuals to be their own agents of change by providing learning and development opportunities. From leadership development to job training, skills development, and financial literacy, people at any age can learn the vital skills that will make a difference not only to themselves, but further strengthen the whole community.

Investing in growing life skills and knowledge through education equips individuals with the tools and confidence to create meaningful and lasting change in their own lives. When we support skills development, individuals – and, ultimately, our community – become stronger, more resilient, and more capable. By empowering people with critical life skills, you demonstrate your care for and commitment to the communities within which you operate.

10,668 people got assistance to build job skills and financial stability in 2022.

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