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How We Help

United Way looks at the big picture to deliver a coordinated network of services and programs. Join us in helping to address a range of needs for children and families who are living in poverty.

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How we help

What We Do

People experiencing poverty often have complex needs that require system-wide solutions supporting both their immediate needs and long-term wrap-around supports. Only through this holistic approach can we truly empower individuals and families to make lasting change in their lives.

Long-term social change depends on our community uniting to address the root causes of poverty. United Way works collaboratively across the social services sector, identifying pressing community needs and implementing the most impactful solutions. Additionally, United Way provides critical backbone support to other local non-profits, enabling them to focus on delivering much needed front-line programs and services.

Based on ongoing research and a deep understanding of issues that drive people into poverty, United Way focuses support in the areas where it is most needed. Each investment concentrates on specific needs and connects with programs and services to make the greatest impact possible. At the same time, considering that individuals experiencing poverty often face multiple issues and need help in more than one area, all areas are closely linked. This ensures people receive the appropriate mix of supports to address both urgent and long-term needs.