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Apply for Funding

United Way is committed to ensuring no one is left behind in our community. All of our community investments will focus on supporting this mission.

United Way Funding Criteria

In order to  receive United Way funding, agencies must meet the following criteria:

  • Support the United Way mission and vision.
  • Be a registered charity.
  • Provide community services with an emphasis on creating pathways out of poverty.
  • Not exclude persons from participating in agency programming or operations by virtue of ethnicity, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, or gender (agency must have an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy that includes staff and clients).
  • Demonstrate the need for the program or services.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively offer programs or services.
  • Provide a detailed program budget to demonstrate the need for United Way funding.
  • Deliver programs and be accessible to people living in the Alberta Capital Region.

United Way does not fund:

  • Non-registered charities
  • Hospitals
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political parties
  • Religious activities
  • Capital expenses
  • Individuals
  • Deficit funding

Decision-Making Process

Our Community Stewardship Committee (CSC) is comprised of local volunteers who support the application review process, provide funding recommendations, and support the ongoing review of investments on behalf of our donors. All funding applications are reviewed and assessed by CSC members as well as United Way staff before recommendations for funding are made and sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

Current Opportunities

Our resources are currently fully committed to our many partners, programs, and initiatives for the upcoming year. See our current program investments.

If you are on our mailing list, we will inform you of future grant submission opportunities that align with the work of your program or initiative.

Mailing List for Future Opportunities

Does your agency meet the eligibility criteria above and is not currently funded by United Way of the Alberta Capital Region? If so, we would love to hear about the work you’re doing so that when resources do become available, we can determine the alignment of your work with our investment activities and objectives.

If you would like to be contacted as future funding opportunities arise, please fill out the following form to be added to our mailing list.

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