The Tomorrow Fund – United Way’s endowment fund and planned giving program – offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for a stronger region, a vibrant community and a better tomorrow for generations to come.

You don’t need to be wealthy to create an endowment fund. You can begin contributing with an initial gift of $1,000.

Once your endowment fund reaches $10,000, it can be named for your family, a loved one, a friend or in any other way that is meaningful to you. United Way makes it easy to reach this target, by giving you up to 10 years to build your endowment fund. To learn more about naming your fund and to create a lasting legacy of your commitment to our community, please contact our Senior Advisors of Community Investment at United Way.

United Way’s Promise to You

Your enduring gift will continue to support your community for generations to come. You have our assurance that:

United Way will use its trusted process of involving community volunteers and professional staff to allocate the income from the funds for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. United Way will monitor funding on a regular basis to ensure accountability for all funds contributed.

The assets of your gift will be held by Edmonton Community Foundation.* United Way’s performance and disbursements are reported regularly to donors.

United Way’s low administration costs (always below 20%, as per a Board directive) will continue to be achieved due to its volunteers, in-kind gifts of products or services and sponsorship of events, programs, special initiatives and print publications

Download the Tomorrow Fund Brochure

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