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All funds raised strengthen our community.

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When you support United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, you become an important part of a powerful movement of changemakers, joining others who share your social purpose and want the best for our community. Together, your actions and resources multiply impact right here at home.

United Way fosters bold social change. By pooling resources, building partnerships, and mobilizing people and organizations to provide support to people in need, we are committed to tackling poverty in the Edmonton area — together.

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is one of Alberta’s most trusted non-profits and we are proud to have a five-star rating from Charity Intelligence. By giving to United Way, you can be sure that your philanthropic investments will receive the highest level of stewardship, oversight, and accountability. United Way directs your contribution to the area of greatest community need, both emergent and long-term.

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Your donation to United Way stays 100% local, providing life-changing support to individuals and families within your community.


Tax Credits for Charitable Giving

Giving to United Way helps those in your community and doesn’t cost as much as you think. Take a look at the tax credit table to see how your donation can work for you too.

Tax Benefits*Everyday HeroLeader of the WayLeader of the WayPathfinder
Annual Donation$365$1,200$5,000$10,000
Alberta Tax Credit$54.65$230$1,028$2,078
Federal Tax Credit$77.85$320$1,422$2,872
Total Tax Credit$132.50$550$2,450$4,950

*These examples are based on an annual taxable income of under $200,000. Please visit Canada Revenue Agency’s website or speak to a financial advisor for a detailed analysis of how tax credits can apply to you.

A Trusted Leader in the Social Sector

As a leader in the social sector, United Way holds itself accountable to its community by publicly reporting clear and transparent information about our financials, administration, compensation costs, and impact.

All funds raised strengthen our local community, helping to fund more than 100 programs right here in the Alberta Capital Region. We pool resources and build partnerships to amplify your contributions to achieve real, powerful results.

United Way’s independent volunteer governance Board reviews and approves our plans and budgets to ensure good financial oversight and that our work provides excellent value to our community of supporters.

United Way’s administrative costs continue to be well below the Canada Revenue Agency’s acceptable level. The independent organization Charity Intelligence rates United Way of the Alberta Capital Region among the Top 100 fundraising organizations in Canada and gives us a five out of five rating based on reporting, financial transparency, need for funding, cents to the cause, and social impact. For a detailed breakdown, our annual reports and financial statements are readily available.


Your donation to United Way stays 100% local, providing life-changing support to individuals and families within your community.

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