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Workplace Campaigns

A workplace campaign energizes your workplace, strengthens your team, and creates a sense of community. Your team can participate through unique experiential learning, networking, leadership development, volunteerism, impact speakers, product drives and donations, and philanthropic giving to strengthen your organization’s role in creating a meaningful change in our community.


Workplace campaigns provide a fun and impactful way to bring your employees together to create lasting change in our community.

Each year, hundreds of workplaces across the Alberta Capital Region run their own United Way employee giving campaigns. These campaigns inspire donors and volunteers to support the community they love and collectively drive purposeful and meaningful social change.

Invest in Your Community

Strengthen your organization’s profile as a community leader and join us in strengthening our community, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Build Employee Engagement

Develop a company culture of helping others and changing lives. Over the course of your workplace campaign, your staff build bonds, form new networks, have leadership opportunities, and grow their skills as they work together towards a shared goal.

Attract and Retain Great Employees

Enhance workplace morale, pride, team building, and employee loyalty. A community minded organization is a more diverse and appealing place to work, helping you recruit and retain great employees.

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