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Social Sector Partnerships

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region works collaboratively across the social services sector, identifying pressing community needs and implementing the most impactful solutions. By collaborating with United Way as a funded partner, you become part of a legion of changemakers who make a tremendous impact on the lives of local people.

“United Way’s outcomes and values align with Families First, making for a beautiful partnership. Through United Way, we not only receive funding but also opportunities to collaborate with other agencies, share our agency story, and access different training. When you are supported with United Way funds, you are supported by your own community members.”

– Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society

We're stronger together

Reducing duplication for maximum impact

Working with United Way provides local agencies with funding for important programs, as well as access to items donated through our InKind Exchange, and the opportunity for United Way volunteers to support your agency’s work.

Rapid response in a crisis

In times of crisis and emergencies, United Way mobilizes quickly to support our funded partners’ needs, and in turn, the needs of people in our community.


EPCOR volunteers build Tools for School backpacks during a Day of Caring at United Way of Alberta Capital Region's InKind Exchange in Edmonton, Alberta

Backbone support and capacity building

We bring the social sector together to support capacity building through evaluation, data analysis, and shared learning opportunities.


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