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Our Partners in Doing Local Good

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region works collaboratively across the social services sector, identifying pressing community needs and implementing the most impactful solutions. Partner with us and join a movement of changemakers, united by a common social purpose and a shared vision for our community.

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“United Way’s outcomes and values align with Families First, making for a beautiful partnership. Through United Way, we not only receive funding but also opportunities to collaborate with other agencies, share our agency story, and access different training. When you are supported with United Way funds, you are supported by your own community members.”

Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society

We're stronger together

With United Way, it’s all about purposeful investment. As a significant non-government contributor in social services, we drive change by working alongside frontline agency partners and social sector experts. Our approach is simple: by the community, with the community, and for the community.  

Amplifying our impact

For the 2024-2027 funding cycle, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region will be adjusting how we provide funding to our partners by offering front-line agency funding instead of program-specific funding, as well as social sector development grants to support specific capacity-building efforts.


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United Way’s approach ensures contributions and resources are used effectively to respond to the complex issues in the community, while improving collaboration and amplifying our impact. 

Rapid response in a crisis

Over the past few years, our social landscape has undergone rapid changes, marked by emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather events. In times of crisis and emergencies, United Way mobilizes quickly to support our funded partners’ needs.  

Agencies must be responsive and adaptable in the face of emerging needs. With front-line agency funding, our partners can better meet the complex needs of people in our community by allocating resources where they are most needed, or as situations change rapidly. 

EPCOR volunteers build Tools for School backpacks during a Day of Caring at United Way of Alberta Capital Region's InKind Exchange in Edmonton, Alberta

Social sector support and capacity building

Investing in the social sector ensures that local non-profit organizations have the tools, knowledge, and resources to maximize the impact of their work. Sector Development Grants complement front-line services by making them more efficient, impactful, and sustainable.  

Together, we can improve the social sector through innovation and collective impact.  

Our Funded Agency Partners

We unlock solutions to meet the Edmonton area’s greatest needs by supporting more than 50 community agencies in the region. We are currently accepting applications for frontline agency funding and social sector development grants. 

List last updated September 2023. Next update is scheduled for October 2024. 

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