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Success Coaches

"[My Son] probably would have dropped out of school completely because he was close to it. If it wasn’t for those supports, he probably wouldn’t have gone at all in second semester. He would have been a Grade 10 dropout." - Parent

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Your next stop is the principal’s office, where Christine greets you with a smile. She tells you how glad she is to have you at the school to learn more about All in for Youth and how it is contributing to students’ success.

Success Coaches

Success Coaches fulfill many vital roles within the All in for Youth initiative. They are often the first intervention when a youth is noticed to be struggling and are experts in connecting students with the resources and services they need, whether those needs are other All in for Youth staff or support outside of the program within the community. Coaches also organize various clubs and programs to meet students’ needs, such as the breakfast club and homework club.

All in for Youth staff work with Grade 5 and Grade 6 students to help prepare them for the transition from elementary school to junior high by connecting them with Grade 7 students to help them learn what to expect in their new school. They also work with Grade 9 students to prepare them for their transition to Grade 10 by helping them learn about different high school programs in the city and decide which high school would be the best fit based on their needs.

All in for Youth is focused on helping students prepare for their upcoming school transitions since these transitions can be difficult for some students, especially students who experience more vulnerabilities.

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