Spring Campaign 2024 - United Way Alberta Capital Region

Get MATCHED—Make 2X The Impact!

Help More Students Graduate & Succeed.

Yes, Match My Gift For Kids!
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Your Impact Immediately DOUBLES

This spring, YOU have an amazing opportunity to significantly change a child’s life. How? By supporting United Way’s All in for Youth! When you donate by June 21, our partner EPCOR is going to match every dollar! That means your impact immediately DOUBLES

All in for Youth (AIFY) doesn’t shy away from the big stuff kids and their families face—especially when they’re struggling with tough situations. With your help, we connect them with mentors and therapists right in their schools, and even make sure they have healthy meals every day. 

What makes AIFY unique is that we build friendly and safe spaces in our schools for kids, their families, and their entire school

Don’t wait to make a gift that goes 2X as far, empowering our children, our families, and ENTIRE SCHOOLS to thrive! Your gift helps kids feel more confident, more resilient—and even inspires them to believe in their own potential. 

“The best thing about AIFY is having a trusted adult who’s not your parent or a teacher, but is there for you. They make you feel special, they let you know you matter, and they care about you. You can talk about anything that you’re feeling."

Lasiya, 14-year-old AIFY participant

Please give and get matched today!

Thank you to our AIFY Foundational Sponsor for their generous matching gift support.

“At EPCOR, we know the importance of investing in the next generation, how it can change lives and the broader community. I encourage you to donate to All in for Youth to support the day-to-day needs of vulnerable children and their families, through mental health supports, nutrition programs, success coaching, and more. EPCOR’s contribution towards a matched donation program will help donations go even further. Please join us in creating brighter futures.”

—Tony Scozzafava, Senior Vice President and CFO, EPCOR