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Our Culture

Core values are how we think, act and behave to deliver on our strategy. They are our guiding principles that define our organizational culture, the behaviours we expect from each other, and how we deliver service to our customers. These values guide everything we do and how we show up with our colleagues, customers, and community.

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Continuous learning

We believe that by having a growth mindset focussed on continuous learning, both of ourselves and the work we are accountable for, we can have the greatest impact in our community. So people are…

  • Always looking for improvements and opportunities to expand expertise.
  • Taking opportunities to learn and applying learning.
  • Taking on challenging assignments.
  • Demonstrating curiosity by asking “why” and seeking to understand.
  • Following through and owning, learning from, and fixing mistakes.
  • Proactively seeking feedback from others to genuinely assess activities and be even better.

Creating solutions

We believe that by focusing on creating solutions—both for ourselves and our work—we can make our community a great place for everyone. We work as a team to collaborate on constructive solutions to our work with mutual respect and understanding that finds the best outcomes. So people are…

  • Motivated self-starters that focus on the positive actions that result in solutions.
  • Recognizing the contributions of others and working collaboratively to ensure best possible outcomes.
  • Providing consistent communication and collaboration to find solutions.
  • Taking on work with a can-do attitude.
  • Outcome-driven with measurable results.
  • Holding ourselves accountable for commitments to others.

Applying a lens of equity and inclusion

We believe that each of us has a role to play in equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and our community. We seek to approach every situation with empathy, understanding, reflection and collaboration to understand someone else’s perspective, whether our customers, colleagues or community. We are united as one team, together. So people are…

  • Taking action to further personal growth and understanding in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion concepts.
  • Taking time to understand and reflect on both one’s privilege as well as the perspectives/experiences of equity-seeking communities.(Internal/personal, intersectionality perspective)
  • Seek to understand another’s perspective.
  • Recognizing and addressing expressions of power, privilege, and exclusion, (i.e.,racism, micro aggressions). (External systemic perspective)
  • Communicating with inclusive language.
  • Demonstrating empathy, consideration, cooperation, and generosity.
  • Providing meaningful and equitable opportunities to participate and be represented in conversations and actions. Valuing and including perspectives, norms, and ways of knowing from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.
  • Building strong and trusting relationships with the communities we serve.

Being courageous

We believe that by being entrepreneurial in our approach, we can be comfortable with risk to be an industry leader. We think outside the box to find collaborative solutions and are flexible in adapting to new opportunities and situations. We embrace innovation that pushes us outside our comfort zones. We “fail forward” and build resilience by persevering in the face of adversity. So people are…

  • Acting as change champions.
  • Demonstrating an open mind and critical thinking.
  • Receptive to a wide variety of ideas, perspectives, and information.
  • Seeing the opportunity in situations and bringing it forward.
  • Demonstrating a willingness to fail, learn from it, and move on to the next try.
  • Celebrating diversity of thought to drive innovation.

Being insights-driven

We believe in the importance of being an insights-driven organization that embeds data, analysis and reasoning to inform our work and the impact we make in community. We enable our people at every level to use the right data at the right time to make informed decisions to best serve our customers and community. This keeps our operations transparent and accountable. So people are…

  • Asking questions and seeking to understand the “why.”
  • Applying informed decision-making.
  • Applying research to decision-making.
  • Analyzing, interpreting, and applying information from data and experience to make the best-informed decisions.
  • Understanding the sources of information and critically assessing the source and its application in decision-making.

Capturing customers’ hearts and minds

We believe that our customers are the engine behind the impact we make in community. We use a customer-centric approach to decision-making and have a passion to serve and exceed our customer’s expectations. We make decisions through the customer lens to understand what is meaningful to them and deliver on our promises. We ensure they see the difference they make in community and ignite their interest in social purpose. So people are…

  • Working with others across the organization in a collaborative and constructive way to ensure the success of the customer journey.
  • Creating great customer experience by delivering on promises and focussing on service.
  • Continually exploring and appropriately implementing new ways to support customers and improve their experience.
  • Seeking customer feedback and making decisions based on customer input.
  • Taking responsibility for addressing customer requests and follow through to resolution.

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