The Engineering Challenge is an annual event executed in partnership with United Way, where the engineering community comes together to challenge each other to strengthen communities across the Alberta Capital Region, through donation, advocacy and sheer effort.

The challenge started in 2006 with 3 visionary firms (Colt, CoSyn and Stantec) and has grown over the years to include 26 like-minded companies who seek to make a direct impact in the Alberta Capital Region. While the Engineering Challenge promotes friendly competition and fosters sharing and advancement of best practices for each company’s campaigns, its primary focus is to collectively make a significant impact in our community by undertaking a community project. The cumulative impact of this group is measured in nine successful projects and over $17 million of funds raised.

2019 Engineering Challenge Day of Caring

More than 70 volunteers from 16 engineering firms came out to reconstruct the courtyard space for the senior residents at Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS). OFSS has been working with Edmonton’s seniors to create a community and improve the quality of life for seniors in the inner city since 1969. At their McCauley Lodge, the agency provides housing for 58 low-income seniors.

The renovation projects included:

  • Newly constructed raised garden beds for accessibility
  • New concrete walkways and patio pad for wheelchair and walker safety
  • New turfed games area for sociability and activities
  • New deck and gazebo space for all year round outdoor enjoyment and improve social wellness
  • New light fixture for evening ambience and mental relaxation
  • Repaired fencing and access gates
  • Pruning and cutting back trees to open the space
  • Adding outdoor seating that includes a rocking swing, bench repairs, and table seating
  • Even creating a level platform for their storage shed

To get involved in the challenge, call us at 780.990.1000

Past Days of Caring

Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) provides immediate and low-barrier shelter, temporary housing, and individualized wraparound support for youth ages 15—24. They focus on working collaboratively with our youth supporting partners on prevention and diversion out of homelessness. 

In the Fall of 2018, the Engineering Challenge Day of Caring completed their 12th community project. Working with YESS, our extraordinary group of 50 volunteers completed renovation projects that rejuvenated the property and created new spaces for the youth to enjoy. The Engineering Challenge Day of Caring was a success thanks to volunteers like these; dedicating their skills, time, and hearts into the project each year. This year’s project impacted hundreds of youth who use the facilities and services at YESS. 

Andre PoitrasEngineering Challenge