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Teachers play a vital role in helping students make sense of the world and empowering them to find their place within it. United Way’s Make your Mark, presented by Dentons, arms educators with valuable tools and resources to help them inspire the next generation of philanthropic leaders and global citizens to take an active part in their community and work with others to make this world a better place to live. Registrations for the current school year have CLOSED. Join our mailing list to be notified when they reopen in Spring 2024!

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Encourage, Empower, and Inspire Future Changemakers 

Anyone, no matter their age or experience, can make a difference. And together, we are a force for positive change, uniting diverse voices and resources to create a transformative impact in our community. 

Since 2016, the Make your Mark program has helped teachers at 100+ schools across the Alberta Capital Region educate students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 about need in community, the role of non-profits, and how students can become agents of change. 

Enhancing the Alberta Curriculum of Study

Make your Mark’s online curriculum and resources support teachers’ delivery of the Alberta curriculum of study by bolstering learnings around empathy, equity, community-building, project planning and management, and leadership. 

Hands-On Opportunity for Students

Through a student-led Make your Mark project, students get a hands-on opportunity to learn about some of the intersecting challenges facing marginalized people, how students themselves can leverage their unique talents, and the power of working together to make a difference in the world. 

Grant Funding of up to $1,000

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region provides guidance and funding of up to $1,000 per Make your Mark project to develop and execute student-led initiatives aimed at creating resilient, connected, thriving local communities where no one is left behind. 

Program Resources & Support to Ensure Your Success

Make your Mark programming and resources support the success of both teachers and students in developing their classroom projects through in-person and virtual program orientation events, online curriculum and resources, digital workbooks, and support and guidance from United Way staff. 

What Teachers are Saying

“The number one leadership quality learned throughout this project is that of empathy. We had guests who really opened their hearts and shared with the students their story, their struggles. This helped the students take down any barriers that existed and helped them develop a true understanding… The conversations were amazing, and the students really developed a greater understanding of how taking the time to better get to know someone can completely change their views. Beautiful!”

We are united because of this project! Bringing all these students together was eventful and created many memories.
The students, staff, families, and everyone involved in this project will carry on the many lessons learned forever!”

“It has been such a pleasure working with the United Way over the years. The opportunities for our students to come up with sustainable projects that impact so many others has been a highlight of my last five years of teaching. It is so amazing to see the growth of our students during this process and the lasting impact on the students and schools that receive these projects. “

Past Projects

Michael A Kostek School

Two classes at Michael A Kostek school gathered items to donate to Hope Mission, including sleeping bags, socks and underwear, toiletries, and warm winter wear. They also made sandwiches for people accessing services at Hope Mission. “The students were so proud of what they accomplished. They loved telling people that everyone can make a difference if they want…it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

Roberta MacAdams School

Seventy-five students at Roberta MacAdams School created winter care packages — including brand new skates, a helmet, warm and waterproof winter gloves, and warm socks — for students at another school. The students wanted their peers to learn how to skate and enjoy their community rink. “We heard from staff at their school that the children were filled with joy and excitement to receive their winter care packs, many of them have never experienced a Canadian winter yet, let alone gone skating.”

Strathcona Christian Academy

Strathcona Christian Academy’s students became actively engaged in both poverty awareness and meeting practical needs for those in our community. They provided journals, pens, drawstring bags, and fidget devices to people experiencing poverty to support their mental wellness. “I am really proud of our students, especially during a time where things have been really difficult for our students and the community.”

Presenting Sponsor

“Dentons is pleased to support United Way of the Alberta Capital Region as we work towards building strong and vibrant communities in the Edmonton area. This educational initiative is designed to not only teach our children the significance of giving back, but also empower, inspire, and encourage the next generation of philanthropic leaders in our community. Helping those less fortunate is an important lesson for a student’s development, and for the betterment of society as a whole.” — Fausto Franceschi, Managing Partner, Dentons Canada in Edmonton

Registration will Reopen in Spring 2024

Registrations for the current school year are now CLOSED and will reopen in May 2024 for the 2024/25 school year. Don't want to wait? Join our mailing list to be notified when registrations reopen!

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