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Cut Out Domestic Violence

November 4, 2019


Perri Garvin, a United Way employee, has lots to say about domestic violence — and he’s been speaking about it for more than 20 years. He’s spoken with clients experiencing domestic violence as a volunteer on the Support Network Crisis Line. Additionally, he’s been professionally involved in a rescue and he’s had friends involved in domestic violence situations.

Now, he’s a presenter with Cut it Out – Salons Against Domestic Violence. This program brings awareness and knowledge to salon professionals where staff might meet clients in domestic violence situations.

Perri Garvin, Coordinator, Labour Programs, United Way Alberta Capital Region

Perri Garvin, Coordinator, Labour Programs, United Way Alberta Capital Region
According to Perri, stylists have the unique opportunity to help clients who are experiencing abuse in a domestic relationship. The salon environment provides a comfortable place of communication. As a result, clients build trusted relationships with their stylist.

Along with Monique Methot from The Today Family Violence Help Centre, Perri makes presentations at three different hair & beauty schools or on a three-month rotation to present to the new classes. In the presentation, salon professionals learn:

  • how to recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • how to respond by safely supporting the person experiencing abuse
  • how to assist the client to get help through available local resources

I do believe the more people we speak to about domestic violence the better chance we have of stopping it. This is an issue that can be prevented we just need people to understand that they can do something to help. – Perri

Cut it Out is a provincial project brought to us by Neighbours, Friends and Families. The education and awareness skills taught by this program permit salon professionals to safely refer clients to supportive resources if domestic violence is suspected.

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region works collaboratively with Today Family Violence Help Centre, Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society and supported in partnership with Stop Abuse in Families Society (SAIF), Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation to deliver presentations and training to local salons.

1 in 5 women experience some form of abuse in their intimate relationship. Domestic violence is an #UNIGNORABLE issue in our communities.
Know #WHERETOTURN in November for Family Violence Awareness Month.