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Talking about men’s mental health

United Way supports men's mental health and works to break the cycle of abuse, addictions, and anger issues through counselling and addresses root causes.

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Cut Out Domestic Violence

Cut it Out is an innovative program bringing awareness and knowledge to salon professionals where staff might meet clients in domestic violence situations.

Strong Communities can Change Lives

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty theme is acting together to empower children, their families and strong communities to end poverty.

Engineering Day of Caring builds community one brick at a time

Engineering Day of Caring brought together 16 firms to challenge each other to strengthen communities across through donation, advocacy and sheer effort.

Understanding Poverty

United Way offers a poverty simulation as a learning tool to help increase understanding about the difficulties living in poverty brings on a daily basis.

My Job is Cooler Than Your Job

A youth initiative in Edmonton provides full-time social, nutritional, and mental health support to youth, all within the school.