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Join a vibrant community of changemakers dedicated to uplifting women by removing barriers, and creating an equitable and just community where ALL women and girls can thrive.

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Throughout history and today, women have been faced with complex challenges preventing them from living their best lives.  


Women United is focused on ensuring women have full and equal access to resources and opportunities to help them overcome these barriers. Women United supporters come together in their purpose to create a brighter future for women and their families. 


Over 70% of low-wage earners in Edmonton are women.


Your contribution goes directly to United Way programs and frontline agencies in the Edmonton area offering services and resources to women and girls who face intersectional barriers to success 


Women and girls represent 2/3 of family violence victims.


Together, we can build a future where all women and girls have the opportunity to thrive. 

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We rally together because we all believe in building up our communities, but our why's, our backgrounds, and our personalities are all so different. These connections lead to new opportunities, self-reflection and a lot of laughs. You can leave a Women United event feeling great for so many reasons - contribution, connections, and a fun experience!

Heather MacCallum
 Co-Chair, Women United Cabinet 

Meet the Women United Cabinet

Discover the inspiring volunteers driving change in our community as members of the Women United Cabinet.

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