How each of us sees the future is influenced by how we live today. Having a good job not only means feeding our family and having a nice home; we also make plans for our children's education, for our retirement, to take a holiday, attend an event or socialize with friends.


Those more fortunate are not faced with the excruciating choices of a single mother who is unable to pay her rent and buy food for her kids. If someone in our family needs medication, we get it. For many parents in our community, attending to a sick family member means going without somewhere else – and all too often that sacrifice threatens the family’s stability.

We don’t send our children to school without a warm coat or without money to attend a field trip. Our spouse is not struggling with addiction or coping with the challenges of a significant disability. And the only time we get a notice from a utility company about a past due bill is when it slipped our mind to pay it. But for many in the Alberta Capital Region, this is their harsh reality.

The mission of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is to...

Mobilize collective action to create pathways out of poverty.


We envision a poverty-free community, where...

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All children and youth achieve their full potential, complete high school and set a course toward a bright future.

Lift People Out BlueRGB.jpg

All individuals and families attain greater independence and financial stability, contributing to their personal success and the success of our economy.

Provide a Safety Net GreenRGB.jpg

Everyone feels a meaningful connection to the community, enjoying a strong sense of well being and safety, for themselves and their families.

In pursuing our vision, through our values we will:

Provide non-partisan leadership in social change

Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action

Deliver meaningful, lasting results

Respect community wisdom and encourage citizen involvement

Encourage and promote volunteerism and volunteer leadership

Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity and respect

Embrace diversity

Interested in working together? Here's our contact info.


United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

15132 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y3

P: 780.990.1000


We support people and give them hope

Our promise is to make sure that your donation goes to where our community needs it most and where it will have the greatest impact.