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Period Promise in the Workplace

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Monthly menstruation products are a necessity, but for vulnerable people they can be hard to come by. And that barrier to a basic need can limit a person’s ability to work and provide for themselves. It also impacts their dignity, health, and wellbeing.

Almost one quarter of people who menstruate in Canada say they have struggled to afford menstrual products for themselves or their children.

That’s why United Way’s Period Promise is devoted to making fundamental change to address period poverty in our communities, but we can’t do it alone. By uniting with our neighbours, local businesses, unions, schools, and community organizations, we can support people in need by making sure they can access these basic needs.

Move the dial on menstrual stigma and period poverty by signing on to our Period Promise Policy Agreement. With this pledge, you’re committing to provide free menstrual products in a dignified way, to employees, guests, clients, and the public.

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