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Our Impact

Our collaborative approach brings together social agencies, schools, organizations, and governments to make a meaningful difference in the community through local programs and services that empower people to improve their lives. Together, we make the most of your resources by fostering collaboration and amplifying our impact. Your contributions go farther and wider where you'll see the direct impact right here in our community.

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This is what accountability looks like.

Built on over 80 years of experience, United Way’s experts deeply know this community and its support systems – and what it needs most.

Every dollar you give to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region stays 100% local in Edmonton and the surrounding region, and our communities are measurably stronger because of the work you empower us to do.

When you give to United Way, you can be sure that your investments will receive the highest level of stewardship, oversight, and accountability from a trusted, verified, experienced, and credible partner. Your contributions are well-directed and align your interests to the community’s needs, both emergent and long-term.

We are accountable to the communities we serve.

United Way is a leader in fiscal responsibility and is always well below the 35% threshold for administrative costs as set out by the Canada Revenue Agency.

For every dollar donated, 80 cents goes directly to our local agencies, programs, and initiatives.

And the other 20 cents? They mean we can:

  • Research where the needs are greatest and how we can help,
  • manage and report back on the outcomes of grants and investments, tracking our impact
  • advocate for policy change and system collaboration,
  • keep the lights on, and
  • raise the next dollar.

Independent charity analysts believe we’re an exceptional charity too. We received an “A” for results reporting and a “✔+” for financial transparency from Charity Intelligence.

Charity Intelligence impartially analyzes the transparency, accountability, and cost-efficiency of more than 800 Canadian charities each year—empowering donors like you to make informed, intelligent giving decisions.

With our crisis responses and government grants, our number is higher than what Charity Intelligence and the CRA consider when calculating their own ratios.

You can learn more by visiting our charity listing with the CRA, or by reading our annual reports and financial statements, all of which are updated and publicly shared each year. 

Financial accountability and transparency.

When you make a contribution to United Way, we administer it with great care. We set high standards for our conduct in all areas of our organization and continuously measure our performance. It is up to us to ensure that our donors remain informed and confident that their contributions will be well managed and result in positive impact.

Our volunteer Board of Directors conduct regular, in-depth reviews of United Way’s financial and community investment performance.

There are also regulatory bodies in place that ensure we are operating to the highest standards:

  • Imagine Canada is the national umbrella for charities and provides standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs and fundraising responsibly through the Ethical Code Program.
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all registered Canadian charities to be accountable, transparent, and responsible stewards of the dollars raised to maintain charitable status. CRA also requires that all charities report salary ranges that are subsequently published on the CRA website for public review.

In addition, we follow internal transparency, accountability, and financial reporting guidelines that are intended to be defendable, acceptable, consistent, transparent, and simple in providing standardized reporting by United Ways across Canada.

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is externally audited to ensure that we operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

Keeping costs low.

Approximately 5,000 volunteers in the Alberta Capital Region help United Way carry out its community programs and projects. During the campaign season from September to December, approximately 25 temporary employees and company Sponsored Campaign Representatives assist with our fundraising work. This helps United Way leverage resources and decrease overhead costs.

We value the expertise, skills, and hard work our staff provide that translate directly to significant positive impact in our local community. To ensure staff are compensated both fairly and responsibly, salaries are established through compensation comparison to other charitable organizations, an assessment of roles and responsibilities, and our commitment to spending dollars wisely.

United Way brings together community partners throughout the region to share strategies and increase cost efficiency by working in collaboration.

Additionally, United Way events and initiatives are regularly sponsored by corporations whose generosity helps cover costs.