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Strengthening Mental Health

Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, United Way leads the way in building a strong community where everyone has the resources and support to thrive mentally, emotionally, and socially.

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What We Do

At United Way, we understand that mental health is a vital aspect of overall wellbeing, influencing individuals’ ability to cope, learn, work, and contribute to our community. We recognize the significant unmet need for mental health services in our region and how challenging it is to navigate the system. By developing a robust network of support and improving accessibility, we make it easier for people to find the care they need.

Navigating social services and community resource systems can be difficult and overwhelming. It can be challenging to know what help is available, and how to access it.

Thanks to United Way supporters, in 2022:

  • 18,873 community members attended mental health education sessions.
  • 19,445 individuals facing mental health challenges received timely counselling.
  • 3,371 people who experienced domestic violence received caring supports.
  • 87,430 people were connected to needed services by skilled staff.
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