Provide a Safety Net

United Way funded programs help people to get back on track by providing critical services such as mental health supports and referral services so they will not fall into a life of poverty.

210,646 people helped through United Way investments in Provide a Safety Net

58 United Way Funded Programs & Partnerships

Every funded program reports the impact that programs have on clients. Here are some examples:

  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and improved overall mental well being.
  • Improved sense of belonging in the community. Young adults felt included and families felt safer.
  • Increased knowledge of available community resources and comfort with accessing those supports.

How we do it.

United Way invests in our region’s success by providing funding where the need is greatest. Our strategy is 100% local, shaped specifically for the Alberta Capital Region and impacts families right here in our community.

Basic Needs

We live in one of the most prosperous communities in North America, and still thousands of families are choosing between paying rent, covering bills or buying food. Without a warm home or food in the cupboard, the physical, social and emotional effects can be devastating.

With shelter being by far the largest expense, many families sacrifice basic needs such as food, clothing and regular payment of bills.

United Way and its strategic partners provide individuals and families with access to healthy and affordable food and emergency relief as well as help people successfully find and maintain housing.

Strong Minds, Strong Futures

Every year, one in five Canadians experiences a mental health problem or illness.

For those facing these challenges, the lack of access and support mean a higher risk of falling into poverty. Without help, these problems can take a toll, affecting all areas of their lives including relationships, managing daily stress and the ability to work.

United Way and its strategic partners provide supports for individuals and families dealing with mental health issues and strives to reduce the stigma attached mental illness.

Story of Change

Although she worked at a restaurant, Kaitlyn could not afford to feed herself. Homeless and hungry, she decided to reach out for help.

Thanks to donors, a local United Way funded community centre was there to help provide her with nutritious food hampers. Once she did not have to worry about hunger, she was able to focus on her future. The centre staff also provided her with financial literacy training that helped her learn how to manage her income, and she was able to save enough to move into her first apartment.

Once housed, and with her cupboards full, her social worker made sure she was on the path to succeed by connecting her with a program to become an addictions counsellor.

With a stable home and a new career helping others, Kaitlyn’s future is now bright.

With a stable home and meals, I was then able to focus on my future.

Andre PoitrasProvide a Safety Net