We change lives.

The Alberta Capital Region is our community. A place we love. And together, we’ll make it a great place for thousands of families living in poverty.

Why Poverty?

Understanding local needs

United Way creates pathways out of poverty in our community by investing in three focus areas and working together with funded partners, government and community organizations. Learn more about our three focus areas.

When you’re born into a life of poverty, it’s all you know. We’re helping kids from the start, with early learning and development, support through the school years and all the way to high school completion.

Whether you’re living on the streets or working multiple jobs and still can’t make ends meet – all your time is spent surviving. We’re empowering people to create new beginnings with supports such as employment and financial literacy training.

Sometimes, life just takes a turn. A family crisis, a job loss, injury, mental illness, addiction, domestic abuse – the list is endless. We’re helping people get back on track by providing critical services such as mental health supports and referral services.

Our community programs provide support to families every day.

Tools for School reduces one known barrier preventing children and youth from successful learning and participation in school.

Empower U combines financial literacy programs for women with a 1:2 matched savings component.

Each One, Teach One, develops staff from financial institutions into financial literacy trainers to help people living in low income increase their understanding and ability to manage their finances.

Coats for Kids and Families began in 1992 due to overwhelming requests from families and individuals.

A convenient, cost effective way for charities to acquire office furniture, technology and personal care products.

The Kid Kit helps parents support their children with tools for early learning.

Dentons Make Your Mark

Dentons Make Your Mark on Poverty provides an ideal chance for schools to access funding to teach students about the challenges local individuals and families face when living in poverty

We purchase items, build and distribute personal care kits to all of the participants who come through the doors.

This first-of-its-kind local initiative focuses on getting children and youth successfully through their education years and on to high school completion.

Working to help all organizations improve mental health and addiction services in Edmonton and Area.

Results you can see.

Your donations have a significant impact on the lives of families living right here in the Alberta Capital Region.

Highlights in 2018:

  • 6,400 families received early learning and parenting supports
  • 24,000 students participated in healthy development programs
  • 5,000 children participated in nurturing after school programs

Highlights in 2018:

  • 4,800 people received help filing their income taxes and accessing benefits
  • 1,400 vulnerable community members received financial literacy training
  • 2,100 individuals got help obtaining and retaining employment

Highlights in 2018:

  • 68,000 participants accessed healthy meals or food hampers
  • 19,700 individuals facing mental health challenges got counselling
  • 2,500 people who experienced domestic violence received caring supports

Calculate Your Impact

The Impact Calculator provides supporters with an online tool that easily illustrates the impact of their donations by simply entering in a fundraising goal and dollars raised.


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